Indoor & Outdoor Anti-Pollution
All skin types; protection against the mixture of UVs, free radicals and other environmental stressors.

City Shield+

City Shield+

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Indoor anti-pollutant & detoxifying Niacinamide blue light eye therapy


A refreshing, brightening and fortifying eye therapy gentle enough for all skin types. Infused with a revolutionary combination of Niacinamide, AHA and Tumeric that offers immediate long-lasting hydration and visible plumping power while soothing and shielding the skin from the visible effects of blue light pollution.

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Perfect Radiance Resurfacing & Detoxifying Hyaluronic Jelly Mask


Promoting a healthy glow, this iconic jelly mask predominantly focuses on radiance and hydration. Its water-rich gel texture immediately melts into skin, allowing it to appear instantly smoothed, illuminated and energized. Offering a light, gentle and powerful peel it works to reveal more youthful and radiant skin.