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Say GOODBYE to Cellulite

Say GOODBYE to Cellulite

Cellulite, an accumulation of fat deposits beneath the skin which gives a lumpy, dimpled, orange peel look. It is mainly prominent in the thigh, hips and buttocks area and can happen to all sizes of women. The truth is, most women have cellulite and while some embrace it, others loathe it. If you fall into the latter category, fear not, because there are ways to get rid of it…and fast!


Up your intake of water and replace any drinks such as coffee, juices and soda with water. The more water you consume, the more your blood flow will be improved increasing skin elasticity and metabolism.  

Good bye to Sugar

Sugar is pretty much the body’s worst enemy causing a plethora of problems such as inflammation, accumulation of fat, premature skin aging and reduced elasticity. Instead of sugar, opt for a healthy smoothie or sugar free snacks such as nuts and fruits. Eating more alkaline and water-rich foods which are high in antioxidants and will help to prevent cell damage.


The combination of cardio and weights will help decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass. Exercise also improves blood circulation, which will help decrease cellulite.

Dry brushing

Dry body brushing is very effective in increasing circulation and reducing cellulite. It causes a direct and immediate blood flow increase to the region being brushed. Use a dry, clean brush and slowly rub the affected area in a circular motion. Do this 1 time per day for about 5 minutes.

Use Able Skincare’s Anti-Cellulite Reshaping Miracle Treatment

Formulated with Cosmetic Drone™, the most advanced delivery system for active ingredients, the Anti-Cellulite Reshaping Miracle Treatment is infused with an Anti-Cellulite Cosmetics Drone™ and Caffeine.


“Caffeine can dehydrate the water content of your fat cells, so they’re less swollen, and cellulite looks less obvious..the higher the caffeine content, the better”, says Howard Sobel, M.D., a New York City dermatologist and founder of DDF Skincare.


Cosmetic Drone™ technology entraps powerful ingredients into biocompatible polymers. In the form of X50 capsules™, this revolutionary technology targets specific cells releasing active ingredients such as Sea Grape, Glycolic Acid and Peptides where needed to firm skin and effectively diminish cellulites. Besides, Caffeine, added to the formula, aims to tone and contour your skin. The Anti-Cellulite Cosmetic Drones™ has been clinically proven. Clinical studies have shown contour reduction of 3.1 cm and skin roughness improvement (orange peel) up to 14.9% *20 women during 56 days.




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