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Boosting Collagen

Boosting Collagen

Plump, firm, elasticity – these are just three words you’d usually associate with wonder ingredient Collagen. There is an increasing number of skincare addicts spending tons of money on collagen, whether it be through dermal fillers, drinks, supplements or specific creams with the aim of decreasing wrinkles and achieving firmer, supple skin.


So what would be the best way to boost collagen? “Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It is formed by the linking and winding together of amino acids to form collagen fibers,” Alyssa R. Golas, MD, plastic surgeon at NYU Langone Health. ”There are many different types of collagen, and they are found in varying ratios in skin, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, bone, and scar tissue, to name a few.” Collagen formation is an essential part of wound healing as it gives structure and strength to our skin. However, as we reach our mid-20s, our bodies produce less collagen which results in the ageing effects of wrinkles and fine lines. This is what makes many of us reach for the nearest Collagen product to help replace this loss.


When it comes to ingesting collagen, the jury is still out due to the inconclusive data of taking collagen via pills, shakes and powders “A lot of patients ask me about taking collagen orally. We do not have good data to suggest that ingesting collagen will result in it reaching your skin,” . Mary Stevenson, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at NYU Langone Health. The best option according to Stevenson is to adjust your diet for collagen rich foods by adding or increasing the amount of oily fish or supplements high in anti-inflammatory omega-3 and vitamin A – both of which prevent the loss of collagen. Vitamin C also supports the process of collagen formation and works to decrease oxidative damage, so be sure to stock up on foods like broccoli, spinach, goji berries and kiwi fruits. 


Although non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers can help with firmer and plumper skin, the risks and price points can outweigh the benefits and results. This leaves us with collagen-boosting creams and serums, where you’re actually most likely to see results with less risk and at a lower price point. “Many products have peptides and antioxidants that can help boost collagen,” Stevenson said.


Below are 3 collagen infused Able products that are guaranteed to aid in the anti-ageing effect for your skin:


For eyes - The Ultra+ Collagen Eye Rescue Therapy aims to stimulate collagen synthesis and skin repair whilst rejuvenating tired, dull and droopy eyes. The science: The Ultra+ Collagen Eye Rescue Therapy is enriched in powerful ingredients specifically choosen for the eye area. These include Collagen , Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid. Collagen works as an important building block for elasticity, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

For neck and chin - The Fibroblast Collagen Full Neck & Chin Therapy has been formulated with Cosmetic Drone™, the most advanced delivery system for active ingredients. The science Harbouring signature ingredients, the Fibroblast Collagen Full Neck & Chin Therapy has been meticulously formulated with an anti-ageing Cosmetics Drone™, Retinol and Moringa oil. Cosmetic Drone™ technology entraps powerful ingredients into biocompatible polymers.

 For Face - The Anti-Ageing Collagen Skin Perfecting Primer is meticulously designed to smooth texture, boost coverage and help products wear better and last longer. Besides, this luminous face primer hydrates and brightens skin for a dewy, healthy looking finish.


There’s currently not enough data to prove the efficiency of collagen supplements, however along with an effective product, such as the above, a good diet and staying hydrated, this will be the best environment for collagen to thrive.  

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